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Cycling, photography and filming. Bicycle tour Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam


Hi everybody, and welcome to ‘Join Us Biking’.com.

  • My name is Michele. I’m an Italian photographer and filmmaker who has his own media company here in Thailand
  • Kate is my assistant and helps me take care of the contracts and jobs at Aerial Cam Asia. We’ve been working together since 2011.

We both crave adventure, and have come to love cycling, photographing and filming our rides throughout this corner of the world.

We’ve decided it’s time to share our experiences and tips about cycling and documenting our travels throughout Southeast Asia.

If you’re an avid photographer or biker who wants to see how to get the authentic experience of traveling throughout this beautiful part of the world, then look no further.

  • In the past, I’ve worked as a photographer in the Italian fashion industry and as a tour operator at Alpitour, Bravo Club and Venta Club. My last job in Italy was working for the media company Mediaset (Striscia la Notizia).


  • Kate is a native Thai, who grew up in Nong Khai, a city on the border between Thailand and Laos. Since she speaks both Thai and Laos, she is such a great help and an awesome companion when we’re on the road.

Our goal is to inspire you to come and join us on our adventures! We know we love it, and hope you will too.